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Kandi’s Confessions

I know it’s been a while since buy Dash I’ve posted.  I’ll be honest, I’ve been on serious burn out mode for a while.  When we started blogging, I had lots to post about.  It was fun.  However, as time has passed it was becoming more of an obligation.  A job without a paycheck, so to speak.  While that’s fine for most of the time, I got a serious case of burn out.  I’ve had nothing to say or exciting for a while.  My apologies for not being here, but I hope you all understand.  It was nice to not have to think about what I/we were posting for a while.  It made my schedule a little more flexible and I liked that.

Anyway, here are my confessions for the week.

  • I’ve been pretty busy this buy Dash in South Africa week.  Except yesterday.  Yesterday CS and I took a 3 1/2 hour nap.  That hasn’t happened for a long time!
  • I have had a friend on my mind a lot this week.  She is about to experience a loss and will need strength to get through it.
  • I’ve been having pregnancy dreams.  You know, the ones that are really vivid but make no sense whatsoever?  Yeah, those.  No, I’m not pregnant.
  • Chuck and I have been spending the last 6 months or so really focusing on ourselves.  Not the kind of focus where we change our hair or diet or anything like that.  The kind where we are spending time together just talking.  We were both very tired of the “living in the same house but not really communicating” thing.  I can say without a doubt that this is the closest we’ve been in a long time.  The best part, it trickles down.  The kids are behaving better.  The house is in decent order.  We actually have time to do things.  We’ve become the team we used to be, but had allowed to slip by the wayside.  Not happening again.  We are back on equal footing and it’s going to stay this way.
  • We’re trying to decide whether invest in Ontology in South Africa to get a XBox Kinect or Wii for the ‘family gift’ this holiday season.  I see the pros and cons of each but it’s really going to come down to money.  I can’t see spending oodles of money on something that we are going to limit to a couple of hours per week.  That just seems wasteful.  While we love our electronics, we aren’t attached to them.  No playing on games for hours on end in our house.  Feel free to share your opinion!
  • We will be putting up the Christmas decorations this weekend.  Call me crazy, but I don’t rush this holiday.  There is an actual reason for it, not just gifts and shopping.  Nothing goes up in our house until December 1.  Until then, we are focused on fall and giving thanks.  A month of thankfulness doesn’t end just because Thanksgiving is over.
  • Since my “break” from blogging, I’ve been spending more time with people one on one.  It’s been really great and I’ve even added a few new organizations and causes to spend time on.  I have to something for me.  I can’t spend all my time cleaning, cooking, shuttling and taking care of the kids.  I need time to do things that I enjoy.  After all, this is showing my girls that Mommy has a life outside of “Mom-land”.  It’s important for me to show them that.
  • We’ve had all 3 of the kids conferences recently.  All are above average and excelling.  I’m so thankful for terrific teachers and the ability to be involved in the kids schools.

Well, I think that’s it.  If you have an opinion on the whole XBox/Wii thing, let me know!  Have a super weekend everyone!


~Andrea’s confessions~

Hey everyone. I hope you have had a great week. Mine has been pretty good. NOW ON WITH WITH CONFESSIONS…

  • I learned as a parent this week there is a fine line you have to walk when parenting. Like for example.  Evan came home yesterday very upset. When I asked him what was wrong he said. ” Scarlett is ruining my fast track to being cool. She is ruining my reputation. ” I started laughing. I know I shouldn’t have but I did. Then I said ” I didn’t realize you were cool or had a reputation.” Well lets just say my laughing didn’t help matters. I then asked him what she said. His response made me laugh again. ” She is telling everyone that I am to scared to ride an upside down roller coaster. ” WOW that will ruin your reputation these days.
  • I have 4 dozen cookies I have to turn in today. Guess what? I haven’t made any yet. Guess I am cooking making today.
  • I have a huge surprise for Scarlett on Sunday. She misses this boy from school so much. They have been close friends since Kindergarten.  So I am going to pick him up on Sunday and take them roller skating. She is going to be so surprised.
  • I still haven’t cleaned my fridge out from Thanksgiving. I think I really need to do this.
  • Tommy accepted a new job. So things are going to be changing around here. For the better.
  • I am actually really excited for this job for him.
  • Declan is finally starting to act like a normal human being. I am hoping this is the end of the terrible 2′s.
  • Scarlett is having a really hard time in the mornings. I am at my end with her. I wish she would just get up and get dressed with out throwing a fit.
  • Paisley is going thru this phase of not wanting to go to bed. Not sure how to fix this one.
  • Christmas is about a month away and I have done VERY LITTLE SHOPPING.

Well I think that is it for me. I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the last of this warm weather.


I have a confession…

So last night I went to Walmart. I was quickly reminded of this post and why I hate shopping this time of the year and why my choice to shop is Target… I wrote this last year…


I have a confession. You may agree with me. You may not. But this time of the year if I could I would only shop at target. If I could buy all of my groceries there and everything else there I would. I would gladly pay a few extra dollars for everything for one simple reason. I can’t stand the dingalingers at the doors at the rest of the stores. You know the people that are ringing the bells for the Salvation Army. Why would I shop at Target THEY DON’T LET THEM THERE…They don’t let ANYBODY there. BINGO…

NOW before you jump down my throat. I have NOTHING again charities. I donate on a regular basis. I JUST CANT STAND THAT BELL. It honestly makes me cringe. I just want to rip that bell out of their paws and cram it down their throat. What is even worse that the bell is the people that decide to bring their instrument out and play. Nine times out of Ten it is a person learning to play and it makes my ears hurt. I then want to break it. YES I am actually admitting to this. DONT be all shocked I am sure you all have had these feelings also.

I feel like I am being judge for not giving them enough money. For not giving them money at all. Like they are putting a curse on me for walking on by. Like they are looking at what I just bought and thinking that is all you are giving me. Or you are giving me anything. Then the ringing. OH THE RINGING. I open my car door and the RINGING. That is all I hear. It echos in my head. I hear it all thru the store. As I am checking out I think OH CRAP I have to walk right past them again. Wasn’t it bad enough I had to pass them when I walked in. But now I have to pass them when I walk out again. CRAP.

I know I am a bad person for thinking this. But I really am not. I can’t give money to every dingalinger (I really have no clue what they are called this is just what I have always called them) that I pass. The Salvation Army would then have to help me. If I gave money to every one I passed in a week I would be BROKE. Now imagine it thru the WHOLE HOLIDAY SEASON. I just wish they would find a more appealing way than an annoying bell or people that don’t know how to play an instrument or have kids swinging on the doors.

But I am glad that people like them are out doing something good to help out their fellow neighbor. I am not sure how much money that they bring in but I am sure it is a good amount. So I guess them ringing their annoying bell works, and playing their instrument works. So I guess each year I will continue to give them money when I can. I will try not to feel judged. And smile when I give money to the ones that I do.  So when you are out this Holiday Season and you see your fellow Dingalinger if you have some spare change maybe you can help them out and give it to them. I always wonder if I give them enough money if I have have their bell.

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Black Friday…

So we all survived the holiday right? Well I made the mistake of going out on Thursday night at 8pm. My in-laws were coming over on Friday and I knew I wouldn’t make it out. So I thought well I will just go out on Thursday how bad can it be?

OMG what a nightmare. It was completely insane. I must have been insane to go to it. WOW. People are crazy. It was completely unreal how people were acting. Some guy shoved down a little old lady at Walmart. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I honestly don’t understand this mentality. Be kind and caring and everybody will get along. Walmart was so crowded you could barely walk.

Then there is Target and Toys R Us. The line was about a mile long. WHAT you have got to be CRAZY to wait in that line. I am sure that by the time you get into the store what you want is going to be gone. Best Buy was the same way. Did I wait in line. NO WAY…My time is more valuable than the couple bucks I may have saved.

I hit ended up hitting Walmart, Kmart, Micheal’s, and five and below. I got a few things. Nothing AMAZING. But I got the one big thing I wanted and I was ok with that.

How did you fair? Did you make it out? What was your best deal?



We here at Mommy Confessions Blog want to wish our readers a Happy Thanksgiving. We have been busy living life and enjoying every minute of it.

We will be spending the next few days with our family and friends, cooking and shopping we hope you have a safe holiday and enjoy it to its fullest.

Happy Thanksgiving. Don’t forget to give thanks for all you have.


Kandi’s Confessions

As I’m sitting down to write these my house is full of laughter and silliness.  I’m watching a sweet friends two little boys.  They are the sweetest, most polite little men I know!  I love having them over to play!

Here’s my confessions:

  • I am thinking of getting my hair colored today.  I want to add some auburn highlights.  Since I was outside so much this summer my hair was highlighted by the sun.  My natural highlights are auburn and a little golden blonde.  Sadly, they are growing out and I want them to stay.  So, off to the stylist I will go!
  • We just found out this morning that hubs boss is leaving her job for a new one.
  • I have been a total house bound person this week.  I got a lot of cleaning done though.  That’s a good thing!
  • I cleaned out the garage last Sunday.  Yes, I said I did it.  Chuck was cleaning out the gutters and preparing the yard and such for winter.  I think I may actually be able to fit the van in there once we hang all the bikes up.  That. would. rock.
  • I bought myself a pair of 5 inch heels for our date night this weekend.  Yes, I realize I may break my ankle.  I’ve been ‘breaking them in’ all week long.  Which is why I cleaned the house.  Things look a LOT different from 5 inches higher.  :)
  • I’m going to be very honest here.  Writing just isn’t as easy to do anymore.  I used to love to write little stories about the kids or life.  However, as the kids are getting older, my life is getting busier.  It’s hard to sit and write.
  • The two year old that’s hanging out at my house today is hilarious!  I mean it.  He’s the funniest kid ever and he doesn’t even realize it.  I just spent the last 10 minutes playing “this little piggy” with him.  I haven’t laughed that hard in a while!

Well, I think that’s it.  I wish you all a good weekend and if you’re local, go check out Family Friendly Cincinnati.  They have all sorts of holiday fun posts right now!


My kids are readers.

We have this ‘issue’ in our house.  Well, technically it’s not an issue.  It’s just what we do.  We read.  We read a lot.  Each of kids has their own, rather big, collection of books.  There are bookshelves in every room, including the playroom.  We have a reading issue.  :)

All this reading has led to some success for our family.  We recently found out that A has the highest reading score in the entire 2nd grade (at her school).  You should have seen her beam when her teacher told us about it.  Out of our three kids, she is the avid reader.  She loves Junie B. Jones, the Rainbow Magic Fairies and is really getting into the Magic Treehouse series of books.  Non-fiction is a big hit with her as well.  Right now she’s reading about the American Revolution.  Books (and soccer) are her things.

Our little man is a great reader as well.  I’m especially happy for this.  He has been able to read since he was about 3 1/2 or 4, but he never really liked to do it.  He would rather have a book read to him than to read it himself.  Now, he’s found a couple of book series that he really likes.  Bad Kitty is his new favorite followed closely by the George Brown series.  He loves both of these series because they are funny!  He reads some pages to us each night before bed and, I can’t lie, I have laughed at more than I probably should have.  There is just something hilarious about a 6 year old reading about a ‘super burp’.

Then there’s CS.  She loves anything Barbie or Princess related.  Go figure right?  Although, she did get to do something super special recently.  A while back I wrote about the Dolly Parton Imagination Library and what it meant to our family (read about that here).  Sadly, CS graduated out of the program last month when she turned 5.  She was sad that she wouldn’t be getting any more books in the mail.  Then we got a call from our local community foundation.  They are the ones responsible for bringing the library to local kids.  Anyway, they were calling families who had kids that were just graduating out of the program.  We happened to be home and answered the phone.  Cool!

The foundation invited us to join them in celebrating the distribution of the 50,000 book to area children.  They ask if we would allow CS to be the honorary 50,000 book recipient.  Excited and humbled were what I was feeling.  The night of the event, CS turned on the charm.  They ask for her to come onto the stage and receive a few gifts.  One of which was the cutest books shelf with train bookends.  It is adorable (I still need to find a permanent place for it).  She also received autographed copies of two of our families favorite books (btw, I’m not just saying that, we actually LOVE these two books and I was elated when she was presented them).  LadyBug Girl and Bumblebee Boy by Jacky Davis and David Soman and Otis by Loren Long were the books she was given.  There were other gifts as well, like a bag to carry books to and from the library and a Shakespurr stuffed animal.  Shakespurr, a lion, is our local library’s mascot.

The thing is, other than encourage and read to the kids, we haven’t really been too strict on what they can and can’t read.  We have allowed them to find their own way into the love of reading.  In my opinion, as long as they are reading, it doesn’t matter if it’s a comic book, classic, or a book about a super burp.  Reading is reading and reading is great!  Now, if I could just get those Kindles that A and I want……LOL.  Christmas is coming correct?

Do you encourage reading in your house?  How do you do so?


Kandi’s Confessions ~~ The ‘oh snap it’s Monday’ edition

Okay everyone.  I’m not going to even sugar coat it.  I just haven’t been in the mood to write lately.  It’s not for lack of things to say or write about.  It’s that instead of writing about life, I’ve been out living it.  In other words, it’s been busy around here.  It’s only going to get a little busier as the holiday season fully kicks off.  Although, I’m not one of those people who rushes Christmas.  I wait until Thanksgiving has come and gone to put up the tree or any type of decoration.  Call me weird, but I think that big ole turkey deserves his season as well.  :)

So, here’s my confessions.

  • I have 2 posts to write for this week.  Both are product reviews and I’m really excited about them both.
  • Last week was exhausting.  Mentally.
  • Fall festival was held at A’s school last week.  It was a lot of fun and reminds me of why I’m thankful I’m not the PTO President.  I do not want that kind of pressure.
  • Ren’s soccer team came in 2nd place in our area tournament last weekend.  This weekend we headed to Cincinnati for the state soccer tournament.  His team lost in the first round, but I’m so happy for those boys.  They played a great season.  Thankfully, Ren has decided to officially hang up his cleats and retire from soccer.
  • I’ve had conferences for two of the three kids at their schools.  Both are doing very well and are well above where they should be.  I’m thankful we took time when they were small(er) to read to them, teach them, and make education a priority.
  • Chuck lost his grandfather over the weekend.  He was a sad, but he didn’t really know him.
  • The crazy part about the loss of his grandfather was his Mom’s confusion.  She called and told him on Saturday and then mentioned she wasn’t going to the services.  Chuck ask why and she didn’t really give an answer.  That wasn’t enough for me and when I ask her she said it was because he passes last week and had already been buried.  Then we find out that no, his grandfather actually passed on Friday and services are this week.  His Mom’s confusion is getting worse and worse.  Heck, she hadn’t even mentioned the passing to Chuck’s brother, with whom she shares a home.  I want to step in so badly, but don’t feel it’s my place.
  • This morning I’m quite thankful that we started the 3 gifts for Christmas rule when the kids were smaller.  I’ve already heard people complaining about their kids having the “I wants”.  Mine have them too, but more defined.  They know exactly what they want and have already made ti known.  Now to figure out how to get the money to pay for it.  LOL.  The have expensive tastes this year.
  • I have been fighting the urge to be a snarky biotch lately.  It’s a mind of mouth game.  The mind is winning right now.
  • Ren’s behavior has been awful lately.  We aren’t sure what to do.  I think we need to go back to therapy, but our new insurance makes it impossibly expensive.  Like $100 a visit expensive.  That may not seem like a lot until you factor in that he was going weekly and A was going to help with her short term memory loss.  Our monthly bill could easily be $600 a month.  That’s a lot!  Insurance makes me crazy (and I’ve been on the ‘professional’ side of this issue too and it’s just as frustrating from their point of view).
  • In other news, A starts going to the orthodontist in January.  This should be fun.
  • Chuck told Ren the other day that if he didn’t brush his teeth better that his teeth would fall out.  Well, he lost a baby tooth a day or two after this chat and got very upset.  On the plus side, he brushed his teeth better than usual the rest of the week.  (Side note:  We allow our kids to brush their teeth on their own and use a timer to make sure they are brushing for an adequate amount of time.  We then go and ‘check’ their teeth.  We want them to learn good habits and the skills to do it themselves, but we also want to assure they have clean mouths and teeth).

Well, I think that’s all for today.  I wish you all a good week!


~Andrea’s Confessions~

It has been an old week here and since I didn’t post last weeks confessions this might get long so you have been warned.

I didn’t post last week due to being out of town. My mom, grandma, Scarlett and I went to Amish country.

I have to admit I was hoping to see some of the people from breaking amish but so such luck.

It was fun but my grandma took this huge suitcase of stuff with her so “people” wouldn’t steal it. Ya she has gone over the deep end.

I dropped my new iPhone in the toilet at the hotel. I forgot it was in my pocket till I heard the plop sound of it hitting the water.

Thank goodness it still works and has no damage.

Apparently that pissed off Apple. Because on Wednesday Paisley dropped my Ipad and shattered the screen.  It is yet to be seen if it can be fixed.

I went to my first auction as an adult this week. I bought an Oreck vacuum for $55 I was pretty excited about it. So now I have a vacuum on all 3 floors no more carrying one up and down the stairs.

Pinterest and I have become friends so much that my kids like looking at it to.

I found tooth paste on my ceiling fan. A ton of it. Not sure how it got there but I am going to guess Declan has something to do with it.

That is it for me. Have a great weekend.


Thankful Tree.

Last week Kandi mentioned I was doing a Thankful Tree. So I wanted to share with you how I did it and what it looks like and WHY.

My kids are getting a little to big for their britches. Honestly it is just the age and what all kids are going thru. I actually thought about doing a tech free month to go along with it BUT I didn’t. (I thought I might kill them from getting on my nerves.) We are going to do this for 30 days.  Every night after dinner we are writing down what we are thankful for. At the end I am going to put it into a Thankful Book.

Some people are doing this on butcher paper. Well I didn’t know where to get some so I bought some canvas that was on clearance at Walmart. I bought 2 yards. My mom brought me over  a projector since I am not the greatest artist. BUT it didn’t work so I had to free hand it. I think it sorta looks like a tree don’t you? Then my son went over to my moms to use her cricut machine to cut out leaves, pumpkins, and apples.  These are what we are using to write down our Thankfuls for the day. I used a pack of card stock that I got on clearance for $2.48 it is in fall colors.

Everybody has eagerly helped with this and are enjoying seeing what everybody is Thankful for. I can’t wait to see it when it is done. I am already working on what I am going to do for next year I am going to make a Thankful quilt that we hang on the wall and put our Thankfuls on.

I would love to hear how you do your Thankfuls or if you do them at all. It isn’t to late to start your own tree. Just do the back days all at once.

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