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No Ren, you can’t fly…

Last night was an eventful one around our house.  We finished dinner, got everyone cleaned up and ready for bed.  Then we sat down to veg out with the boob tube for a bit.  The kids were playing nicely in Ren’s room and everything was peaceful.  Then all heck broke loose. 

We heard a *thud* and heard Ren scream.  A comes rushing down the hall pale as a ghost and Ren is walking after her.  I saw some blood and immediately got up to get the band-aids and peroxide.  Boo-boo’s are nothing new around here.  Well, Ren pulls his hand away from his head and I screamed!  Chuck jumps up and rushes over to him.  Our little man had gashed his forehead open.  According to A, Ren had been standing on his toy box and attempted to fly (like Superman) onto his bed.  Which is about 3 feet away.  Guess what?  He missed.

I’m going to give myself a small pat on the back here for being able to handle emergency situations with a panic-calm.  I picked up the closest clothe looking thing next to me (which happened to be a red pair of shorts…irony?)and pressed it to Ren’s head.  Chuck took over from there and guided him into the bathroom and continued to hold it there.  I meanwhile, pick up the phone and speed dial Grammy.  My call was like this (use a half crying slightly hysterical voice here)“Grammy, Ren fell and gashed his head and I’m calling the ambulance.  I need you!!” and click, I hung up. 

Then I dial 9-1-1 and get the ambulance on it’s way.  Should I have called them first, yeah probably.  I had 2 other kids to worry about though and in NO WAYwas I going to the hospital alone.  While hubs sat in the bathroom with Ren, I ran around and grabbed my purse, Ren’s jacket and shoes, hubs wallet and my camera.  Yes people, I grabbed my camera.  Irony being what it is, Grammy and the ambulance showed up at the exact same time.  The EMT’s come in, bandage his head and hubs and Ren head off to the hospital in the ambulance.  Grammy made me sit down for about 5 minutes and breathe before she allowed me to head to the hospital as well.  I love Grammy!  She stayed with the girls and got them settled (because it was tramatic for them as well!).

I headed to the hospital and met hubs and Ren.  The doctor in the ER told us stitches were in order and got Ren set up with some stickers, a coloring book with crayons, and a movie on the TV.  That settled all of us enough to be able to tell Ren what was coming next.  We tried to explain it to him, but as any parent knows, a 4 year old doesn’t always understand.

When they came in to tactually put in the stitches, I had to step out of the room(I’m okay with other people’s injuries, but it’s a whole other story when it’s my kid).  Hubs stayed with Ren, but I couldn’t take his crying and screaming.  It tore at my heart and I stood right outside the room with tears streaming out of my eyes.  It only took a couple of minutes to finish and I went right back in to grab my little man and hold him to try to calm his sobs.  It was all very traumatic.  That is until the doctor showed back up with a big ice cream for Ren.  Then he calmed down quickly.

When we got home, Ren showed his sisters and Grammy his “battle wound” as he called it.  Then in true curious Ren fashion, he headed straight to the bathroom.  We followed him and ask what he was doing.  He proceeded to climb onto the steps and check out his stitches in the mirror.  He looked at them and said “Mommy and Daddy, these are awesome!  I can’t wait to show the kids at school”.  Sheesh.  All that drama and he thinks they are the coolest things ever!  Ah well, that’s my little man.

Moral of the story:  Kids can’t fly. 

 I took this pic this morning.  He’s smiling…lol


  1. cyndi says:

    Of course you brought your camera! Any true blogger drags their camera to any event that is blog-worthy. Even the er! ;)

    Glad to hear Ren is doing good and he’s proud of his battle scar. But isn’t he in any pain at all?

    1. Kandi says:

      Yeah, he said this morning his eye was hurting. I gave him some ibuprofen and he’s all good now. I think he’s liking the special treatment he’s getting today too. He’s a smart little guy and will milk this for all it’s worth!!

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