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Transformation Tuesday

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Beginning weight: 232

Current weight: 219 (Still holding steady.  I have to get over this plateau!)

Do you ever just feel sorry for yourself?  You know, like you’re working so hard for something and feel like you’re making headway but then you realize your victory is overshadowed by someone else?  I’ve felt that way the recently.  I’ve been in a real funk since I hurt my knees.  They are better but I’m still in this funk.

A lot of it what I’m feeling is that it’s spring.  Everyone wants to lose weight in the spring and get ready for summer swimsuit season.  That’s not why I did it.  I did it for the long term effects.  I wanted a healthier body image, more energy and just to feel better in general.

I’m also not one for doing things the easy way.  I’ve never bought into fad diets like South Beach or Atkins.  I’m not into taking diet pills.  I did that.  It caused me to have a very rapid heartbeat.  Surgery is out for me because I like food.  I’ve also seen a lot of people initially lose a lot of weight with surgery, but then begin to gain it back.  For me, it’s not worth the risk.  Like I said, I do things the hard way.

However, I don’t understand why I’m not losing more.  I’m eating good, nutritious foods that my body needs.  I’m watching my portions and calories.  I’m also working out on a regular basis, which for me is 3-4 times a week.  I do need to seriously work on getting in my 10,000 steps a day, but that comes in time.

I also feel like it’s a giant competition.  Maybe that’s where most of my “funk” is.  I post about my weight loss every once in a while on my personal Facebook page.  When I do, it seems like everyone comes out of the woodwork and begins posting about how much they’ve lost.  More often than not, it’s a lot more than me and in a shorter amount of time.  I’m not asking how they are losing or if it’s a diet, but it still makes me feel awful.  Why?  Well because I started out weighing more than most of them.  You’d expect someone with more pounds to lose would lose them faster.  I’m not.  I’m losing around a pound a week while they are losing 5 or so pounds.  Honestly, I have a friend who has lost almost 50 pounds in the same amount of time that I’ve lost 13.  I don’t get it.  Yet, I do get it.

I guess this is the difference.  I am losing at a normal rate while others are losing at a rapid rate.  Study after study have proven that rapid weight loss tends to be gained back, whereas slow weight loss stays off.  I’m proud of my 13 pounds.  People I haven’t seen in a while are noticing and telling me I look good.  I am feeling good about myself and have a much better outlook on losing weight.  I know that for others it’s a competition, but for me it’s a lifestyle.  I am losing weight to keep it off.  Permanently.  I don’t want to have to try a new diet in a few years because I gained my weight back.  I wanted the skills to eat better, exercise more effectively, and know the reasons why I do what I do.  This is why I am thrilled with RetroFit.  This is why I’m not viewing how much weight I lose as a competition.  This is why in a couple years, I hope that I won’t be talking about a new diet.  I’ll be where I want to be.

So, for my friend with the 50 pound weight loss.  I’m happy for you and glad you are loving your new body.  I’m glad you’ve worked so hard at getting healthy and hope you can continue to keep the weight off.  All I ask is that it not be a competition.  All I want is for someone to notice my efforts too.  I guess I just want validation that all my hard work is paying off, not someone trying to “one up” me.

For those who “get” what I’m saying and have been working hard at changing their lifestyle, I’m really happy for you!  I hope that your weight stays off too and that getting healthy is the best feeling you can ask for.  I also hope that you don’t have someone who is trying to make you feel bad with their rapid weight loss.  Trust me, it may sabotage your efforts and you may not realize it right away.


  1. heather says:

    Kandi, I hope you know that you really do look amazing but more impotabtly you have changed and shown your kids a health way of living. All parents should teach their kids that! Wanna start walking at the park? Pick a day and we will go every week! Maybe some friendly conversation will help!!

    1. Kandi says:

      That would rock Heather! I know the kids would LOVE more time together. I kind of like hanging out with you too. LOL

  2. Rosemamie says:

    I’m on the same road you are but I’m just at the beginning of my journey. It’s so HARD to feel like all of your hard work isn’t “as good” as someone else’s but that’s exactly how it feels…I know what you are going through! Let’s keep each other from getting in those funks and remind each other that we’re doing things the right way for the right reasons and that’s all that matters! You need a Mr. Linky…I’m going to link to you in my own Transformation Tuesday post. Let’s start a revolution!

    1. Kandi says:

      I just remembered that we have a Mr. Linky account. I should post it at the bottom of these! I’m over the funk at this point, but for a bit it was like forcing myself to be happy with my progress. It took me a while to realize what was actually going on. Now, I just smile and comment back at this particular person (who always seems to be in competition with someone…LOL) to keep up the good work.

  3. Cortney@EvanHasLanded says:

    Hey girl! You are doing a great job! And I am one who knows exactly how you are feeling. I have found that I don’t lose ANY weight during 3 weeks out of every month and then all of a sudden I’ll lose a pound or 2 and that’s it! I’m down only 10 pounds since January and heck I’m running my butt off – ha literally! But as long as you don’t give up! It’s a lifestyle change and it will take time. Focus on how well you feel. You can do this! Maybe it’s time to up your workouts or tweak your eating just a little more. I started using MyFitnessPal a few weeks ago and it has definitely helped also!

    1. Kandi says:

      I adore MyFitnessPal! That was one of the keys to helping me. I added a water boot camp class to my routine that starts this Friday. I think it will be so much fun and a lot less sweaty than the regular boot camp. LOL. Well, probably not, but I’m already in water so who will notice. ;) I’m hoping this will help me over the plateau I seem to be on.

  4. Michelle says:

    You are doing fantastic!! It is hard to stick to it. It’s also hard to share the nitty gritty details. But, you are doing it. Did you ever think that because you are also working out you might be losing fat but gaining muscle? So, maybe it seems like you are not losing as fast? Don’t compare yourself to others, just keep your own goals. Congratulations on your hard work!!

    1. Kandi says:

      Thank Michelle! I also forget about the losing fat/gaining muscle part. If anyone is noticing any differences it seems to be that I look more toned. Mostly, that’s been by family members, but I’ll take it!

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