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Kandi’s Confessions

I had quite a bit of stuff to do this morning, so I’m just now getting in my confessions.  Here goes.

  • I have felt terrible most of this week.  My stress level, combined with worry and family drama gets me ill quickly.  I’ve had this issue for years, well, since 2001 anyhow.  My body just can’t handle it.  So, when my stress levels go wonky, I get sick.  We’re talking puke and bathroom issues sick.  I don’t eat and when I do it’s crackers or something of the like.  Typically I can calm myself down, but the stuff being thrown at me recently hasn’t calmed down.  I went to the doctor and she just shook her head.  She told me to focus on my family and not worry about other things.  We all know that’s easier said than done, but it makes sense.
  • Chuck surprised me this week with tickets to my beloved Cincinnati Reds!  He got 4 tickets, so CS will be spending some quality time with her Meemaw.  Oh, did I mention the tickets were on the first base line?  Oh yes, I will be sitting within spitting distance of the Reds dugout AND see Votto up close.  (Please insert swoon here).  Chuck isn’t known for being over the top romantic, but when he does something he does it right!  The biggest dilemma now is finding myself a new Reds shirt.  My old one is (jump and down here) too big!!!!
  • I added a new class to my workout routine.  It’s H2O Boot Camp.  Basically, it’s a regular boot camp class, but it’s done in the pool.  I really liked the boot camp class I took, but wanted something different.  Plus, I figured if I was going to be dripping with water (sweat) after regular boot camp class, why not just cut out the middle man and take the class in the water.  I know you love my reasoning there.  :)
  • I have been cleaning like crazy this week.  So far I’ve done the kitchen, the kids rooms, gone through all our old movies and cd’s to donate.
  • The kids are gearing up for field trips.  I chaperone these each year and LOVE doing so.  The world through a child’s eyes is amazing.  A will be going to a local farm for tons of fun, while Ren is heading to the zoo.  Can’t wait!
  • Chuck has been working loads of overtime the last couple weeks.  This hasn’t helped my stress level.  I know the extra income is nice and we will be putting it into savings.  I guess this is the perk.
  • I’m actually on my way out the door again, so I will be stopping for this week.  I wish everyone a terrific weekend!

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