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We all hit our breaking point…

You ever say something you wish you could take back? You open your mouth and everything that you have been holding back just flows right on out. There is just no stopping you? Well that was me yesterday. WITH MY DAD.

You see he has been on vacation since the 17th of April and will be until I think May 8. I am closing on his loan for HIS HOUSE today. He has ONLY called me to find out about his house closing. THAT IS IT. Then YESTERDAY he called me to tell me THAT THERE WAS AN ISSUE WITH THE CAT and I HAD TO TAKE IT TO THE VET ASAP. Now the issue with the cat had to be going on for some time because I saw a picture and it looks NASTY. He had to have known about it before he left something like that doesn’t just come up over night. Well that was the straw that broke the camels back. Or at least my back.

I went OFF ON HIM. I don’t EVER GO OFF ON PEOPLE. But I did on him. I said what I had been feeling for awhile. I told him that I felt used. I told him that he only comes around when he needs fed or his laundry done. (yes I still feed him and do his laundry)  I told him that he only calls me when he needs something and I was tired of it. That during his entire vacation he never called me just to see how I was doing. That with all of the stuff that I do he has NEVER SAID thank you to me. He in return goes I post it on facebook. REALLY FACEBOOK. I then explained that facebook means nothing. That the internet isn’t always real and if you can’t say it to the person that you mean it to then you don’t mean it and it is just showing off to your “friends”. Needless to say he ended up saying his FAVORITE word to me “WHATEVER”. I told him not to say that to me because he was being dismissive to me and I don’t deserve that because he has always been dismissive to me.

I don’t think the conversation sunk into him at all because later in the day he acted like nothing had happened. Not I am sorry or anything. I feel rotten for finally saying how I feel but I think it is HIGH TIME HE NOW its.

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