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Because obviously, I suck…

****Warning:  This is a vent.  My husband got on my nerves this morning.  I still love him, but today I’m thankful he’s at work.****

Have you ever had one of those days?  You know the ones.  No matter what you do or how pleasing you are it still isn’t enough?  I’ve had several of those in a row.  We had such a super busy weekend that I am way behind on housework.  However, this morning just took the cake.  Honestly, a 5 minute conversation has utterly ruined my day.  It probably shouldn’t, but it has.

You see, I know what I’m behind on.  I’m getting caught up.  However, when you add two full days worth of chores, errands and the like into a week that is already full, stress happens.

Now, I wouldn’t change our busy weekend for anything.  I had a great time with the kids and wonderful memories were made in the process.  What I would change is the way I was “reminded” about the things I missed.

This morning I was “casually reminded” that

  • someone has no shirts ironed for the rest of the week
  • the cats are in need of attention
  • I accidentally left a load of laundry in the washing machine
  • the dishes need done from dinner last night
  • Ren’s bed needs remade since he had the first potty accident he’s had in a year
  • how instead of working on those things I went to a dinner (that I’d confirmed 3 weeks ago) last night

If this is me sucking, then WOW, I really suck.  I mean, I knew I needed to take care of those things.  However…

  • someone has had an ironed shirt each day, even though he’s “out” of them now
  • the cats are always in need of attention.  I’m the only one who takes care of them and frankly they get tired of seeing only me.
  • I haven’t left laundry in the washer in so long I can’t even remember.  Besides, I’m not the only person who can take care of it correct?
  • Dishes always need done.  We have 5 people living in our home.
  • Ren’s bed was taken care of last night right after the accident.  He slept fine.
  • I don’t skirt commitments I’ve previously made.  I committed to the dinner last night and by golly, tornado warning and all I was there!

Let’s just say I’m glad someone is at work today.  Otherwise, nothing would get done today at all.  I would be too busy removing my foot from his ass instead.  Ugh.  Men.



    I have those days too with my hubby ;) , Sometimes I wish they understood our passion for things outside the home that are different than theirs! Housework will get done, were not going to let them live in filth but one or two days late wont kill them!! Love you Kandi!!

  2. Andrea@mommyconfessionsblog says:

    We all have those days. And that is when you tell him to GET OFF HIS BUTT AND DO IT HIMSELF…Or if you want I can call and tell him it for you…LOL..

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