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Transformation Tuesday

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Beginning Weight: 232

Current Weight: 217

Did you see that weight up there?  It’s exactly 2 pounds lighter than what I was a couple of weeks ago.  Woo-flipping-hoo!  I am finally over my plateau.  It only took changing up my routine a bit.  Honestly, I didn’t do a whole lot.  To be entirely honest, I haven’t been in the gym in an entire week.  Instead I have been mowing the grass.  If you live anywhere near Ohio you KNOW how much rain we’ve gotten.  My grass is growing several inches per day.  The only flat area in my yard is where my house actually sits.  Otherwise, it’s hills.  Lots of hills.  I can get a better workout just by cutting the grass.  Add to that nightly walks (when it’s not pouring down rain), school field trips and well, you’ve got a lot more steps into my day.  More steps is more weight loss.  Win!

On another note, I missed my big goal for this spring.  This past weekend was the Flying Pig marathon in Cincinnati.  I had planned on running, however with my knee issues that put me about a month behind in my training.  Therefore “The Pig” was out of the question.  I was bummed for half a second and then I got over it.  Instead I’m taking the advice of my friend Andrea from SavingsLifestyle and “Just run for yourself and not a race”. Some great food for thought.  True too.  Running/Walking for myself and my health is the reason I started in the first place.  Thanks for the reminder Andrea!

Have you found some new ways to work in exercise or move more since the weather has become nice?  Do you have tips to share?  Feel free to share your thoughts and links below!!

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