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“Mommy, dere’s bwood”

Here’s the story:

Sunday evening Chuck and I are beginning to make dinner.   We had had the best day.  The kids had played so well all day.  We’d had our large family breakfast.  Lunch was downright angelic.  We should have known something was going to happen.

It did.

While Chuck is chopping chicken and I’m dicing peppers and onions we hear the girls in yet another sisterly argument.  Recently we’ve taken the stance of “if  no one is bleeding, crying or screaming for help then they can work it out themselves”.  This is the basis for compromise and it’s time they started learning about it.  Now this isn’t always the case, but in this particular instance it was our call.

Then we heard a small bump.  Nothing big and nothing to worry about.  As a matter of fact about the time of the bump Ren giggled.  We figured the girls had done something to make Ren laugh.

We were wrong.

The next thing we hear is “Mommy, Daddy dere’s bwood ebrywhere”.  Chuck and I drop everything and head for the stairs.  We’re met by CS who has blood dripping from her forehead.  Her hands are bloody as well.  Now, she isn’t crying so we’re not panicking.  I thought she’d bumped her mouth (which because of a familial gene for clumsiness happens more often than it should).  Nope.  She calmly told us what happened.

She and A were arguing.  They couldn’t decide on a game and CS wanted to play hide and go seek.  A wanted to play tag.  You know both super games for playing indoors.  Ugh!  So anyway, CS hides behind my rocking chair.  To which rocks back causing her to fall onto her backside.  This fall made her bump into a shelf and a container of potpourri to fall on her head.  Instant boo boo.

Yet, she never cried.

I cleaned her up and we headed out the door to the ER.  After Ren’s accident last year, I take no chances with head ouchies.  At the ER she is just sitting there chatting up the various nurses who came into the room.  She had to tell everyone how she did it and how she wanted to play hide and seek.

Awaiting her stitches

Then the time comes for the actual stitches.  The doctor walks in with a nurse and they start talking to CS.  This I appreciate.  Most doctors seem to talk over children, but I made sure to tell them to talk to her.  In most cases, CS will be calm as long as she knows what is going on.  This was one of those times.

They told her they were wrapping her like a burrito so she couldn’t touch her head while they fixed her boo boo.  Then they told her she might feel a little sting while they numbed her up.  People, she didn’t even flinch.  They poked her 2 times to numb her up good and nothing.  No tears, no shouts, just a small wince with the initial stick.  Super kid or what?

They waited a couple of minutes and during that time showed her the needle and thread for the stitches.  It was then she decided that they could sew her up ONLY if they would use purple thread and make it a butterfly design.  I love my little girly girl.  She’s always hearts, stars, rainbows and the like.  Imagine her disappointment when they told her she couldn’t have a butterfly and the thread was black.

After she was stitched up, 2 stitches total, they made her day by giving her a circus bandaid.  This prompted her to tell them about the circus experience.

Yet, she didn’t cry.  At all.  Nothing.  Not a tear.  My 4 year old is amazing.  She also thinks “battle wounds” are cool.  However, let her Daddy put her in time out and she’s reduced to tears.  Go figure.

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