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Want Mommy Confessions Blog to review a product for you? We would love to as long as you follow a few simple rules.

You can start by heading over to our disclosure policy and if all looks good contact one of us and we can see if we can work things out.

We need to know a few things about you. Like what do you have to offer. What are you expecting from us. What we can expect from you.

We at Mommy Confessions Blog will review anything and everything. With 7 kids between our 2 households we love anything that makes our life easier. We love green products, baby and child items, cooking, cleaning, organizing, techy things and well anything and everything under the sun.

Every-once in awhile we get an offer to do a review for a loaner item. We aren’t into loaner items as they are a big hassle having to load up the kids to find a place to ship the item out. So we have decided that we DONT do any loan items. We hope you understand.

Mommy Confessions Blog loves to do giveaways. Nothing makes our readers happier than a Mommy approved giveaway. We normally keep them running for about 2 weeks. We use to draw our winner we have be fair and all. We are always open to any ideas you have for entries. If you do decide to do a giveaway please note we will send you the winners info for you to mail out. We are not responsible for the shipping of the item. Please be sure to send us an email with exactly what you want to do a giveaway for. We will always confirm with you about this.

If you are unable to do a giveaway a discount code will also work please send the code and what it is for.

Once in awhile we will get an item that we aren’t to fond of. We will send you an email telling you we don’t like the item and why if it doesn’t work we will let you know what is going on. At that point in time we discuss with you where we are going to go from there. We don’t want anybody to look bad but we will NOT falsify our review we give 100% of our opinions on our blog.

Please keep in mind that we will not be putting up the post the day after we receive the item to review. We want to give it a full review. You can expect for it to take up to 8 weeks for your review to go live. At that point we will send you an email with the link letting you know it is up.

The best ways to contact us is thru email or twitter

You can find.

Andrea @daisiesforu on twitter or email her at

Kandi @shevigirl on twitter or email her at

We do speak with companies on the phone but only during “quiet hours” that means napping time. So if you need or want to speak with us please send us an email and we will let you know what is a good time.

We realize that with 2 of us writing on this blog that we each have different interests and needs. Our feelings are not hurt if you send a review to one or the other.

We can’t wait to hear from you. Please contact us with any other questions.


Andrea and Kandi