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Yard Sale SCORE!!

Tis the Season to be jolly. RIGHT? I might be a few months late but let me tell you this is the season to be shopping. I love to hit yard sales. I am NOT neurotic about it. I don’t get up early in the morning. I don’t drag my kids all over town skipping meals. I don’t spend all of my money of stupid things I will NEVER use. I don’t spend all week long looking for my next score. NOR do I haggle from a quarter to a nickle. I do haggle but come on it is already a quarter PAY THE STINKING QUARTER.. I don’t buy stuff at garage sales with the intent to resell at a later date.  I stop at a yard sale if I pass one while I am out and if I have time. AND ONLY IF I HAVE TIME.

My mom on the other hand is the complete opposite. She will cause us to be late, cancel plans, bleed a turnip to get the best deal. YOU name it. MY RULES are broken. When a garage sale is near. Well I wasn’t even with her and she found something for ME yesterday. Something I have been looking for, for YEARS.

Now to most of you will think  what the heck do you want that for. Most of you will think it is junk and think I have finally lost my mind. But let me give you the back story before I show you my gem.

When we were kids we would go over to my grandparents house. My grandparents had carpet in their kitchen YES CARPET. Well after each time we ate we had to go get under the kitchen sink and get this little hand held bush thing and clean up all of the crumbs and stuff from under the table. THIS THING WORKED BETTER THAN ANYTHING ELSE.  We used this thing until they moved about 7 years ago. I have been on the look out for one since I moved out on my own. I have NEVER SEEN ONE. NEVER.  UNTIL my mom handed me one last night. BINGO I have one now. I have so many uses for it.

What do you think of my find or should I say my moms find for me?

So have you had any yard sale finds? Do you have certain rules that you have when you go to a yard sale?


Because obviously, I suck…

****Warning:  This is a vent.  My husband got on my nerves this morning.  I still love him, but today I’m thankful he’s at work.****

Have you ever had one of those days?  You know the ones.  No matter what you do or how pleasing you are it still isn’t enough?  I’ve had several of those in a row.  We had such a super busy weekend that I am way behind on housework.  However, this morning just took the cake.  Honestly, a 5 minute conversation has utterly ruined my day.  It probably shouldn’t, but it has.

You see, I know what I’m behind on.  I’m getting caught up.  However, when you add two full days worth of chores, errands and the like into a week that is already full, stress happens.

Now, I wouldn’t change our busy weekend for anything.  I had a great time with the kids and wonderful memories were made in the process.  What I would change is the way I was “reminded” about the things I missed.

This morning I was “casually reminded” that

  • someone has no shirts ironed for the rest of the week
  • the cats are in need of attention
  • I accidentally left a load of laundry in the washing machine
  • the dishes need done from dinner last night
  • Ren’s bed needs remade since he had the first potty accident he’s had in a year
  • how instead of working on those things I went to a dinner (that I’d confirmed 3 weeks ago) last night

If this is me sucking, then WOW, I really suck.  I mean, I knew I needed to take care of those things.  However…

  • someone has had an ironed shirt each day, even though he’s “out” of them now
  • the cats are always in need of attention.  I’m the only one who takes care of them and frankly they get tired of seeing only me.
  • I haven’t left laundry in the washer in so long I can’t even remember.  Besides, I’m not the only person who can take care of it correct?
  • Dishes always need done.  We have 5 people living in our home.
  • Ren’s bed was taken care of last night right after the accident.  He slept fine.
  • I don’t skirt commitments I’ve previously made.  I committed to the dinner last night and by golly, tornado warning and all I was there!

Let’s just say I’m glad someone is at work today.  Otherwise, nothing would get done today at all.  I would be too busy removing my foot from his ass instead.  Ugh.  Men.


Family Fun at the Cincinnati Reds

Yes, I did take this picture. :)

Last week Chuck came home from work with a huge surprise.  He had acquired 4 tickets for a Reds game.  Now, here’s a little secret about me.  I love, love, love, love, LOVE baseball.  I love everything about it.  The smells, the sounds, the fans, the players, the tight white pants (okay, that may just be me and only applies to professionals. LOL), the sound of the bat cracking as it hits the ball, the grunt from the pitcher as he throws his best fastball, and lastly, the “I got its” from the fielders as the hussle to get under a ball, this list is truly endless.  ”My” team has been the Cincinnati Reds for-ever!  I think this love of all things Redlegs was found early in life.  My Dad is a huge baseball fan as well and I took notice.  I absorbed everything he would tell me from watching game at Crosley Field to sitting in the stands watching the “Big Red Machine” in action.  My little girl self would just sit and listen in wonderment.  I went to my first Reds game fairly early in life.  Those trips continued for years.  By the time I was a teen I was getting to actually stand on the field at Riverfront Stadium with the marching band and perform before a game.  There was nothing better than looking around at all the people in the stands to make me forget what I was doing.  :D

Gapper, our favorite Reds mascot!

When Chuck and I met, he wasn’t as big a fan.  This has changed over time.  I think my love for the game has rubbed off on him.  The last few years we’ve been unable to go to a game.  Our budget didn’t allow it and babysitting can be hard to find.  We had agreed that when we felt the kids could sit through an entire game we would go again.  A few weeks ago Chuck sent me a message from work that said “Would you like to go to the Reds game?”  I couldn’t get the email response back fast enough.  It was a YES!

Last week, Chuck comes strolling through the door after work and hands me a envelope.  Inside are 4 tickets to the game plus a parking pass.  I ask where he got the tickets and he works with someone who has season tickets.  He had ask Chuck if he wanted tickets to Sunday’s game because he wasn’t going.  Let me tell you, this man hooked Chuck up!  The tickets were the best seats I’ve ever sat in!  We were 6 rows behind the Reds dugout.  Can we say close up shots of Joey Votto and Jay Bruce?  Squee!  Add to this that the parking pass we were given allowed us into VIP parking.  We walked up the stairs and were at the front gate of the stadium.

The kids were thrilled with the whole idea of a baseball game.  They were smiling, chatty and laughing the whole way to Great American Ballpark.  A had on her brand new Cincinnati Reds tee shirt, Ren had gotten his Reds jersey out of his dresser along with his ball glove.  They were dressed and ready 2 hours before we left.  It was so cute!

There are some really great perks to your first baseball game.  Each of the kids got certificates stating that it was their first Reds game.  We also decided ahead of time to give them the full ballpark treatment.  This means loaded hot dogs, chips, drinks and peanuts.  Oh and Cracker Jacks, can’t forget those!  The actual game was a good one.  The Reds were down by two with a man on second base when up strolls Joey Votto to the plate.  He hit a home run and tied the game 2-2.  As the ball soared through the air toward the stands, I caught a peek at A.  She was standing, hands in the air yelling “gooooo”.  Once the fireworks were set off and Votto was rounding the bases she looked at me and said “Mommy, that was amazing”.  Yup, watching it through her eyes was amazing.  My heart swelled!

Hugging the catcher!

Ren had a whole other perspective on the game.  He wanted to know everything.  ”What type of pitch was that Daddy?”, or “Why did he swing at that one?” were common questions from him.  I think the cutest part was watching him try to catch every pop up that came our direction.  He didn’t care if it was well over our heads or in the next section, his glove was up and he wanted to catch that ball.  He tried really hard to get one from someone coming off the field as well, but no one would toss him a ball.  Boo.  His cutest part of the event actually happened once we got home.  He was chatting with Chuck and I overheard him say “well, when I grow up and become a great catcher for the Reds, like Hanigan is, then I’m going to be so happy”.  Chuck started to say something about how hard it is to actually play professional sports, but then stopped himself.  He changed it to a lesson about working hard toward a goal and if this was Ren’s dream then we would happily help him in any way we could.  I was almost in tears.  It was a very Brady moment.  LOL

Chuck and the kids

Oh, the best part of the game for me and Chuck?  Running the bases.  Sunday’s are family days at Great American and after the game they invite anyone who wants to onto the field to run the bases.  Our seats were so great that we didn’t have to stand in line.  We were some of the first people around the bases and it was amazing.  I tried to savor tagging each bag all while trying to keep up with A and Ren.  They were having a blast running.  Afterward it was to the Reds shop for some “first game souveniers” and then it was on home.

So, this is a public thank you to the person who gave us the tickets, you know who you are!  We had an awesome time.  There were so many memories made that I couldn’t possibly list them all here.  There really isn’t a better way to spend an afternoon than teaching your kids about the great American past time.  Thank you Reds for winning over the Astros.  Thank you Joey Votto and Ryan Hanigan for hitting your way into my two kids hearts and earning the spot of their first baseball hero.  Get out to the ballpark!  It’s a great time!


We all hit our breaking point…

You ever say something you wish you could take back? You open your mouth and everything that you have been holding back just flows right on out. There is just no stopping you? Well that was me yesterday. WITH MY DAD.

You see he has been on vacation since the 17th of April and will be until I think May 8. I am closing on his loan for HIS HOUSE today. He has ONLY called me to find out about his house closing. THAT IS IT. Then YESTERDAY he called me to tell me THAT THERE WAS AN ISSUE WITH THE CAT and I HAD TO TAKE IT TO THE VET ASAP. Now the issue with the cat had to be going on for some time because I saw a picture and it looks NASTY. He had to have known about it before he left something like that doesn’t just come up over night. Well that was the straw that broke the camels back. Or at least my back.

I went OFF ON HIM. I don’t EVER GO OFF ON PEOPLE. But I did on him. I said what I had been feeling for awhile. I told him that I felt used. I told him that he only comes around when he needs fed or his laundry done. (yes I still feed him and do his laundry)  I told him that he only calls me when he needs something and I was tired of it. That during his entire vacation he never called me just to see how I was doing. That with all of the stuff that I do he has NEVER SAID thank you to me. He in return goes I post it on facebook. REALLY FACEBOOK. I then explained that facebook means nothing. That the internet isn’t always real and if you can’t say it to the person that you mean it to then you don’t mean it and it is just showing off to your “friends”. Needless to say he ended up saying his FAVORITE word to me “WHATEVER”. I told him not to say that to me because he was being dismissive to me and I don’t deserve that because he has always been dismissive to me.

I don’t think the conversation sunk into him at all because later in the day he acted like nothing had happened. Not I am sorry or anything. I feel rotten for finally saying how I feel but I think it is HIGH TIME HE NOW its.


Kandi’s Confessions

I had quite a bit of stuff to do this morning, so I’m just now getting in my confessions.  Here goes.

  • I have felt terrible most of this week.  My stress level, combined with worry and family drama gets me ill quickly.  I’ve had this issue for years, well, since 2001 anyhow.  My body just can’t handle it.  So, when my stress levels go wonky, I get sick.  We’re talking puke and bathroom issues sick.  I don’t eat and when I do it’s crackers or something of the like.  Typically I can calm myself down, but the stuff being thrown at me recently hasn’t calmed down.  I went to the doctor and she just shook her head.  She told me to focus on my family and not worry about other things.  We all know that’s easier said than done, but it makes sense.
  • Chuck surprised me this week with tickets to my beloved Cincinnati Reds!  He got 4 tickets, so CS will be spending some quality time with her Meemaw.  Oh, did I mention the tickets were on the first base line?  Oh yes, I will be sitting within spitting distance of the Reds dugout AND see Votto up close.  (Please insert swoon here).  Chuck isn’t known for being over the top romantic, but when he does something he does it right!  The biggest dilemma now is finding myself a new Reds shirt.  My old one is (jump and down here) too big!!!!
  • I added a new class to my workout routine.  It’s H2O Boot Camp.  Basically, it’s a regular boot camp class, but it’s done in the pool.  I really liked the boot camp class I took, but wanted something different.  Plus, I figured if I was going to be dripping with water (sweat) after regular boot camp class, why not just cut out the middle man and take the class in the water.  I know you love my reasoning there.  :)
  • I have been cleaning like crazy this week.  So far I’ve done the kitchen, the kids rooms, gone through all our old movies and cd’s to donate.
  • The kids are gearing up for field trips.  I chaperone these each year and LOVE doing so.  The world through a child’s eyes is amazing.  A will be going to a local farm for tons of fun, while Ren is heading to the zoo.  Can’t wait!
  • Chuck has been working loads of overtime the last couple weeks.  This hasn’t helped my stress level.  I know the extra income is nice and we will be putting it into savings.  I guess this is the perk.
  • I’m actually on my way out the door again, so I will be stopping for this week.  I wish everyone a terrific weekend!


Andrea’s Confessions

All to often we forget we are human…There are times we just DON’T want to do thing. There are things we get ourselves into and half we thru we decide I QUIT. Or half way thru we look in the mirror rub our head raw and think WHAT THE HELL HAVE I DONE. Well that has been my week.

Baseball has been going strong. I sat out in the COLD for 2 hours on Monday the weather hated me so much that it was EVER so kind enough to make me sick for the rest of the week. (insert COUGHING and Snot coming out my nose.)

My child has been hit at EVERY practice. I wish I was joking but I am not. I actually have sent my sister a TEXT every single time this has happened. Yesterday’s practice was no different. The coach hit him yesterday. RIGHT IN THE LEG. One would think by now he would learn to use the glove or DODGE THE BALL (Reminds me of the movie Dodge Ball “if you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball” HEY maybe there is an idea. JUST KIDDING)

I have spent all week dealing with having our property fenced in. WOW what a freaking task. I think my head is about to EXPLODE from that one.

We gave them direct instructions like. Don’t go onto the neighbors property. Don’t pull up the property marks you know directions. YEAH they couldn’t follow either of those. You would think 3 year olds were putting it up.

My fence is not up and it looks great. I am Happy for now. But when my idiot of a neighbor comes out this weekend I am SURE he is not going to be happy. My nerves are all ready shot just thinking about his DRUNKIN stupper coming my way.

I did a detox for the past 10 days. I had to stop last night.

It was should have been for 14 days.

Yeah I am a looser. I know…I was only eating broccoli and cauliflower. I felt like crap. My body was so sore. I was sick on top of it. YEAH I WAS A QUITTER I KNOW.  I know I was giving all of these excuses but I don’t care. I just couldn’t do it anymore. IT SUCKED..

Yeah I feel like crap for quitting myself.

I hit a library sale over the weekend. 2x. Yeah I went there 2x. Let me tell you. Some interesting people were there. I am not sure if the books smelled like pee or the people smelled like pee.

It was pretty cool. On the second day EVERYTHING you could carry for $1. YUP $1. Buddy I loaded up.

My garage smells really BAD. I am afraid it is coming into my house.

The chickens HAVE got to get out of my garage. (see above statement.) But this cold weather is for the birds.

I actually giggled the other day when the fence men fenced in 2 geese into my yard. They were confused on how to get out. They walked the property for about 45 minutes until they realized they could fly over the fence.

My kids were very entertained by a mama coyote and her 4 pups this week. My dogs and chickens were NOT.

Well That is it for me.

I hope you have a great week. Please feel free to share here or on our facebook page your confessions…


How much stuff can you really get into a pantry?

The question in the title of the post was a serious one.  Last weekend I found out.  It’s spring and I want to get things organized and cleaned out.  The pantry was high on my list of priorities.  I cook a lot.  However, since our lives have gotten just a little bit busier this year, I am not the only one cooking anymore.  This caused some drama in our house.  Calls and texts to me while in a meeting to ask where the rice was needed to stop.  I’m going to disclaimer this and let you know that the next couple of pictures are awful!  When I say I cleaned out the pantry, I really cleaned it out.  Everything came off the shelves, shelves were wiped down and lists of items were made.  For an entire afternoon no one could go in or out of our small kitchen.  It was me, food, and even a few tears.

So here are the before shots.  Laugh at will.

I told you it was a mess in my kitchen!  It got cleaned up though and now everything can be easily found!  One of the things we did while cleaning up was to go through and get rid of food that we knew we weren’t going to eat anymore.  The food just isn’t part of our lives and needed to go.  So, we loaded it up and took it to the local food pantry.  It was good food, just not part of our lifestyle anymore.  The next step was to get everything into kid friendly containers.  I don’t like boxes of cereal, so they went into Tupperware containers.  I put all the rice together into a plastic shoe container I had purchased at Wal-Mart a while back for something else (I actually had 8 of them, so several were used).  Next we put all the baking supplies into containers and located them to a top shelf.  We really don’t make a lot of sweets, so I didn’t want those taking up room.

Now, if you look at the pantry “after” pictures you’re still going to see some boxes and cans of foods that aren’t exactly great for you.  However, as is everything in life, moderation is key.  I love Cajun and Creole cooking and since I have yet to replicate it at home (and have it taste good), I will always keep some Zatarain’s on hand.  Same thing with scalloped potatoes.  I just can’t make them.  I don’t know why.  So, I buy a couple boxes at Aldi and keep them on hand for those times when I want to make them.

I took some ideas from Pinterest and started a “after school snack” bucket.  This is working out wonderfully!  I no longer have to wait on the kids when they get home.  They now choose their own after school snack from the bucket.  I keep some homemade granola bars in there.  There are also peanut butter crackers, Goldfish, and pretzels.  For these items I either make them and put them into snack bags or buy a large container and then portion them out.  Snack bags get recycled and refilled.  It’s a win-win for us!

Sadly, in cleaning out the pantry I realized that I don’t touch a lot of my cookbooks anymore.  I had several that were “brand name food” specific and since we don’t purchase those types of items anymore there really isn’t a reason to keep the cookbook around.  Off to the Goodwill they went.

All together, we donated 5 bags of items to various places.  It was wonderful to get all that done.  Now I won’t be the only one who is able to do the cooking.  Everything is easily accessible and almost anyone can come into my kitchen and cook.  I consider that a huge accomplishment!

Here’s the after pictures.  Almost everything was finished when I took these.  I still had to put together the snack bucket, but otherwise, it still looks like this!

Next project is getting my laundry area downstairs in order.  I wish I was kidding, but there are still boxes of stuff that we haven’t opened from when we moved into our home 3 1/2 years ago.  Those boxes need. to. go.
How is your spring cleaning coming along?  Do you spring clean?  Have you ever done a major overhaul of something?  Share!


Transformation Tuesday

For a look back at other Transformation Tuesday posts start here.  More about what I’m up to herehereherehere,  here and here.  :)

Beginning weight: 232

Current weight: 219 (Still holding steady.  I have to get over this plateau!)

Do you ever just feel sorry for yourself?  You know, like you’re working so hard for something and feel like you’re making headway but then you realize your victory is overshadowed by someone else?  I’ve felt that way the recently.  I’ve been in a real funk since I hurt my knees.  They are better but I’m still in this funk.

A lot of it what I’m feeling is that it’s spring.  Everyone wants to lose weight in the spring and get ready for summer swimsuit season.  That’s not why I did it.  I did it for the long term effects.  I wanted a healthier body image, more energy and just to feel better in general.

I’m also not one for doing things the easy way.  I’ve never bought into fad diets like South Beach or Atkins.  I’m not into taking diet pills.  I did that.  It caused me to have a very rapid heartbeat.  Surgery is out for me because I like food.  I’ve also seen a lot of people initially lose a lot of weight with surgery, but then begin to gain it back.  For me, it’s not worth the risk.  Like I said, I do things the hard way.

However, I don’t understand why I’m not losing more.  I’m eating good, nutritious foods that my body needs.  I’m watching my portions and calories.  I’m also working out on a regular basis, which for me is 3-4 times a week.  I do need to seriously work on getting in my 10,000 steps a day, but that comes in time.

I also feel like it’s a giant competition.  Maybe that’s where most of my “funk” is.  I post about my weight loss every once in a while on my personal Facebook page.  When I do, it seems like everyone comes out of the woodwork and begins posting about how much they’ve lost.  More often than not, it’s a lot more than me and in a shorter amount of time.  I’m not asking how they are losing or if it’s a diet, but it still makes me feel awful.  Why?  Well because I started out weighing more than most of them.  You’d expect someone with more pounds to lose would lose them faster.  I’m not.  I’m losing around a pound a week while they are losing 5 or so pounds.  Honestly, I have a friend who has lost almost 50 pounds in the same amount of time that I’ve lost 13.  I don’t get it.  Yet, I do get it.

I guess this is the difference.  I am losing at a normal rate while others are losing at a rapid rate.  Study after study have proven that rapid weight loss tends to be gained back, whereas slow weight loss stays off.  I’m proud of my 13 pounds.  People I haven’t seen in a while are noticing and telling me I look good.  I am feeling good about myself and have a much better outlook on losing weight.  I know that for others it’s a competition, but for me it’s a lifestyle.  I am losing weight to keep it off.  Permanently.  I don’t want to have to try a new diet in a few years because I gained my weight back.  I wanted the skills to eat better, exercise more effectively, and know the reasons why I do what I do.  This is why I am thrilled with RetroFit.  This is why I’m not viewing how much weight I lose as a competition.  This is why in a couple years, I hope that I won’t be talking about a new diet.  I’ll be where I want to be.

So, for my friend with the 50 pound weight loss.  I’m happy for you and glad you are loving your new body.  I’m glad you’ve worked so hard at getting healthy and hope you can continue to keep the weight off.  All I ask is that it not be a competition.  All I want is for someone to notice my efforts too.  I guess I just want validation that all my hard work is paying off, not someone trying to “one up” me.

For those who “get” what I’m saying and have been working hard at changing their lifestyle, I’m really happy for you!  I hope that your weight stays off too and that getting healthy is the best feeling you can ask for.  I also hope that you don’t have someone who is trying to make you feel bad with their rapid weight loss.  Trust me, it may sabotage your efforts and you may not realize it right away.


Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Presents FULLY CHARGED℠

We are so excited about Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Presents FULLY CHARGED℠ coming back to the Dayton area again this week. I have never been a huge fan of the Circus. BUT LET ME tell you. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey has changed my view on the circus. NO MORE CREEPY clowns for me. ONLY Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey for me. My kids actually only know them. They have never been to any other circus and honestly I don’t think that they ever will.

So you want some details? Here you go…

California native Ringmaster Brian Crawford Scott leads this high energy production in his debut performance with Ringling Bros.® flanked by the hilarious hi-jinxes and electrifying escapades of his Russian-born comedic sidekicks, Stas and Vas!

Arriving ringside atop a beautiful black Friesian horse, Taba displays equine excellence as he presents the elegant and athletic white Arabian horses in a liberty display; he is flanked by a ring of Paint and Norwegian Fjord liberty horses presented by Lucenir Viera de Souza on one side, and liberty zebras presented by Karin Houcke on the other side

He returns again….. in full command of 90,000 pounds of ponderous pachyderms in the magnificent and traditional exhibition of Asian elephants.

Brian Miser – The Human Fuse – takes flight a-flame with the thrust of 7-Gs on a 3 second aerial voyage traveling 130 feet through the apex of the arena, launched from a super-sized human crossbow.  Don’t blink for this one!

The courageous 5-member Danguir high-wire troupe, from Russia, Spain and Morocco, showcase amazing balance as they dance, leapfrog, perform a walking pyramid, and jump from shoulder to shoulder high above the arena floor – all without any safety cables!

The comedy acrobatics of the Alimgulov Comedy Big Bike Troupe from Russia combine comedic timing and acrobatic skill as they attempt to ride an oversized seven foot tall bike sporting aircraft tire inner tubes for wheels

The 20-member Tianyicheng Troupe from China’s Henan Province explode onto the arena floor in an energetic exhibition of leaps and bounds on bouncy stilts where they can reach as high as 16 feet in the air, and cross the arena floor in six steps.  Their precision team jumping routines, and crazy basketball skills make this act a slam-dunk to watch!

That’s not all that’s just a few of the highlights I don’t want to give it all away.

It will be here at the Nutter Center on

  • Thurs. April 26 – 7pm
  • Fri. April 27 – 7pm
  • Sat. April 28 – 11am / 3pm / 7pm
  • Sun. April 29 – 12pm / 4pm

You can get tickets at Tickmaster or at the Boxoffice.

We all like extra discounts. So if you are planning on going be sure to use this discount code…

Use code BLOG4 to receive $4 off regularly $18.50 and $13.50 seating. Code BLOG4 can be redeemed through the Nutter Center Box Office, online at, or by phone 1-800-745-3000.

Kandi and I both will both be there with our families. We hope you will to. We can’t wait…

***We have been provided tickets as part of our review. This is our honest opinions. We love taking our Children to this circus. We hope you do to.***

**Disclaimer: Offer Valid 4/2-4/29. Offer subject to ticket availability. Excludes premium seating. No double discounts. Additional fees may apply.


Mommy Confessions ~ Kandi

Alright, I’ve been slacking this week on here.  I know that.  However, my “in real life” life has been crazy.  I’ve just been super busy.  So, here are my confessions, some are good, some are bad.  Enjoy!

  • We had a pretty big PTO meeting at school this week.  I thought it would be great to have totals on the Labels for Education.  After spending a few days cutting them to size (please if you’re a parent, help out your coordinator with this one!), dividing them and then counting them all.  I got all this done and headed out the door to the meeting, confident I had totaled them all up to date.  Then I found an entire bag full of them in the van on the seat.  Next time I will take a second look before totaling them.  I was annoyed at myself.
  • This week has been crazy at Chuck’s work.  He worked 6 hours of overtime on Wednesday and will work more tonight.  He hasn’t done this much overtime in about a year.  Thankful for the extra funds next payday!
  • Speaking of Chuck’s work, he got told this week that he is the new team lead for a huge project at work.  He has been training with someone from the main office to learn the job.  He’s a little worried that he doesn’t have enough confidence to be a team lead, but I’ve been telling him he can do it.  After all, confidence is learned and he is the leader of our home.
  • CS usually has a exciting life, but this week it’s been more about Mommy doing things.  Let’s just say she hasn’t been the happiest little girl.  She does not like being dragged around from place to place unless she is getting something.  Yesterday she just ask if we could stay home and I gladly obliged.  It was nice to have a “down” day.
  • Chuck locked his keys in his car this week.  Not just his keys, but his wedding band, glasses and other work related items too.  He was so frustrated with himself.  He also had to take my van to work until I could get AAA out to unlock his car.  He doesn’t like driving my van to work.  He was so happy to drive off in his car this morning.  I’m happy to have back my messy, kids food smelling van.
  • This was open enrollment week at Ren’s school.  Not for his grade level, but for the middle school.  It’s one of those events where the parents camp out on the lawn to get their kids into his school.  I got really aggravated that other people took it upon themselves to criticize the parents who did that.  I was more than just a little irritated by some responses.  I mean, we value education in our family and will someday be in those parents positions.  It made me feel like Ren’s school is doing something right for all those parents to camp out assuring a spot for their children.  To me, that’s what dedication to your children is.  I admire those parents.  Someday their kids will thank their parents for sacrificing their comforts for a couple nights just to assure they get into the school they chose.  Did any of that make sense?
  • Speaking of Ren, he was in a school play/musical last night.  It was based on the book “A Home for Hermit Crab” by Eric Carle.  There were so many cute parts in the play!  I giggled along with a bunch of the other parents as the urchins bounced, the sea anemones swayed and the snails crawled on the floor.  My favorite part of the night was watching Ren dance on stage and then sing a solo!  He looked so small holding a microphone in his hands and dancing around in a circle while singing.  He had practiced at home and nailed it.  I think my little man has a talent for singing.  I’m biased though, I know that. :D
  • This weekend, we have a date night planned.  First Chuck and I are taking A on a date to see the Cincinnati Roller Girls.  We think she will really like it!  Then Chuck and I will be having a date night of our own after the event.  This is the first night out we’ve had in about 6 months and it is well deserved.
  • I’m still in training for the Flying Pig 5K in Cincinnati next month.  Wish me luck and no more injuries!

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