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Kandi’s Confessions

I have been busy this week (as usual), so here goes: I need a cute graphic like Andrea has.  It’s so cute! This was Teacher Appreciation Week.  Did you thank your child’s teacher for helping shape their future?  I know I did. Speaking of Teacher Appreciation Week, I spent Wednesday with the rest of the… Continue reading »


Kandi’s Confessions

I had quite a bit of stuff to do this morning, so I’m just now getting in my confessions.  Here goes. I have felt terrible most of this week.  My stress level, combined with worry and family drama gets me ill quickly.  I’ve had this issue for years, well, since 2001 anyhow.  My body just… Continue reading »


Mommy Confessions ~ Kandi

Alright, I’ve been slacking this week on here.  I know that.  However, my “in real life” life has been crazy.  I’ve just been super busy.  So, here are my confessions, some are good, some are bad.  Enjoy! We had a pretty big PTO meeting at school this week.  I thought it would be great to… Continue reading »


Mommy Confessions ~ Andrea

WOW I can’t believe it is Friday already. This week has flown by..With that being said lets get moving on my confessions… I have actually bit off more than I can chew. BUT since I am a firm believe of once you sign up you continue. YOU SEE. I signed up Evan for Baseball. He… Continue reading »


Kandi’s Confessions for the week

I noticed that Andrea did some confessions last week and I thought, “hmmmm, I really like this confessing thing.  That’s the reason why we started the blog!”.  So, here are my confessions of the week. It was Scholastic Book Fair week at A’s school.  I love book fair week(s).  It is so great and fun… Continue reading »


Mommy Confessions

I’m bringing confessions back…yeah (ha!  Now you’ve got the song Sexy Back stuck in your head don’t you?  You’re welcome!). So, here they are. I have done a whole lot of nothing this week.  Well, that’s not true.  I’ve cleaned my house like it’s never been cleaned before.  I was so behind on deep cleaning… Continue reading »


It’s Confession Time!!

It is Friday and well I really miss doing my confessions so I think I shall do some this week. Taking the kids to see my grandpa was really hard. I think they were really scared of the people there. I was thrilled that he knew who they were. I am still attempting to get… Continue reading »


~~Andrea Confessions~~

I know I know it has been awhile. It has been A LONG while. It is Friday and well it feels right to share a few confessions. I have been sick for about 2 weeks or maybe longer I don’t know. The plus side of being sick is I have lost 7 lbs in this… Continue reading »


Mommy Confessions~Andrea’s way

I know I know it has been  A LONG TIME since I have done these. I am honestly not a big fan of it. But I know how much Kandi likes it so I will do it for her. I confess that. ~I wasn’t a nice person this week. I wrote an email to a… Continue reading »


Mommy Confessions ~by Kandi~

Sooo, after taking a few weeks off, I’m bringing back my weekly confessions.  Here goes. I confess… that I’ve been a real slacker on the blog.  I’ve been going through a funk of sorts.  It happens. I have Super Wonderful Fabulous giveaway starting on Monday, so be on the look-out!  This weekend I will be… Continue reading »

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